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We’re networking with governmental agencies, school districts, local communities, faith based groups, businesses, corporations, nonprofit organizations, and child/family advocates having the same interest to improve our military connected children lives.

Together we have the strength, the resources and desire to change:

Military life impacts a child through their entire life. We need to address the needs of all military connected children with loved ones of Active Duty, Guard, Reserve, Veteran and those that have lost their lives while  serving our country.

We need to recognize our military connected children enrolled in our communities. We have begun by encouraging school districts to change their student’s enrollment and emergency forms, in order to know how many military connected children they have enrolled in school so we can acknowledge,  support,  provide and refer resources for the student, their family and schools.

Here is were we are taking action-

  1. We encourage all  government forms should include how the child is military connected
  2. Forms should include the child’s loved one’s connection – Active duty, Guard, Reserve, Veteran and if deceased
  3. We encourage our City Mayors, Local Senate, Assembly, Board of Supervisors and School Districts to create a Proclamation for  the Month of April- Military Child month
  4. We are engaging children’s organizations educating on the needs of their military connected members and ways to support their local military children, their families in their communities
  5. We are developing programs for the children which will include- Arts, Science, Technology, and Real life lessons
  6. With our tools can help you support military connected children in your community.

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