Our ultimate goal is to address the needs of military connected children offering programs/ services and support, in order to improve their lives.

MCCG gathers children for a Day event. The children  learn about the arts, science and real life lessons. Providing a hands on experiences allowing the children ways to de-stress, have fun gaining knowledge, and receive support. MCCG  Child’s  Day Event enables children to unite together experiencing  the same challenges at home. These children’s parents experience Post Traumatic Syndrome, Traumatic Brain Injury , wounded  and loss of parent killed in action.

MCCG Kids learn skills to cope with the challenges they have on the  Home front, by receiving  ways to expand their minds, visualizing  future possibilities and helping them obtain goals they would like to achieve.

MCCG Kids begin to gain a sense of self worth, pride, and improves their self stem. The children gain support from one another.  Removing their sense of isolation.

April 23, 2014

MCCG is  one of the hosts for  Los Angeles City Mayor Eric Garcetti’s Veterans Office a Proclamation, proclaiming  April Military Child Month. The Mayor’s Office has included Los Angeles Unified School District, USC School of Social Work, Los Angeles Veterans Collaborative Families & Children Work Group,USC Building Capacity. MCCG partners with  Support Groups children. We are excited to have one of our MCCG Kids speak at this historical event for the City of Los Angeles.  Alyse is a 6th grader and her  speech title is ” My Life as a Military Child”.  Alyse has wanted to public speak, sharing her amazing story and offering to support other military connected children.